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Thank you for your donation!

Your donation is helping us achieve our mission to provide year-round opportunities for engagement between youth with and without intellectual disabilities. Our organization is completely volunteer-run, so your donations go directly towards our programming and basic operational costs. We appreciate your support and would love to continue to show you the impact of your donation. Please join our monthly mailing list below. 

Where do your donations go?

A cost breakdown diagram of Thurston County Inclusion's Summer Camp costs: 46% to Insurance, 35% to Program Costs, 9% to Background Checks, 8% to Location Fees, and 1% to Advertisment.
A cost breakdown diagram of where Thurston County Inclusion's funds go: 33% to Insurance, 25% to Program Costs, 7% to Background Checks, 7% to Location Fees, 18% to Advertisment,, 10% to Operations Expenses, 0.2% to Paypal Fees, and 0.2% to Office Supplies.

We sincerely thank you for your donation!

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