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About Us

Thurston County Inclusion was founded in 2019 with the goal to bring youth (ages 5 through 21) with and without intellectual disabilities together for year round engagement in order to support peer connections and relationships. Some example programs that we will run include summer camps that are accessible and inclusive, programs to form mentorships between older and younger people with disabilities, and be a general location for peers to connect.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for individuals with and without disabilities to create, build, and strengthen relationships that will last a lifetime. 

Our Mission

Our Story

In the Summer of 2018, Natalie, Antonio and Megan launched a Summer Camp with the support of a Youth Innovation Grant from Special Olympics International. Natalie, Antonio, and Megan felt that their school had fantastic programs for students with intellectual disabilities during the school year, but lacked opportunities for these peers to connect during the summertime. Through a 7 week long summer camp under the Unified Olympia Program, they brought together 18 participants and 55 volunteers to have a successful camp. Many people felt that this was a missing resource in Olympia and this drove Natalie and Antonio to develop Thurston County Inclusion. 

Our Special Olympics Grant Links:

Three individuals are standing together in front of a banner that says "Unified Olympia." One the left side are two white females. On the right side is one african american male. This is Megan, Natalie, and Antonio.

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