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Summer Camp 2024 FAQ

How much does camp cost?

Our summer camp is completely free. 


Where do we hold camp?

In 2024, our camp will be at Olympia Regional Learning Academy. The Thursday Transition Age session will have some rotating locations through-out Thurston County.


Who are participants at TCI’s camp?

Our participants range in age from 5 to 21 and are individuals with and without intellectual disabilities. They represent over 43 schools in Thurston County. 


How do I register for camp?

You can find registration information on our website.


What are the different sessions?

  • Wednesday Session: 1-3pm (July 8th-Aug 14th) *Ages 5 yr-5th Grade (Dedicated to campers who need a less structured environment.

  • Thursday Session: 1-3pm (July 9th-Aug 15th) *Grade 6th-10th

  • Thursday Session *New*: 1-3pm (July 9th-Aug 15th) *Grades 11th-21yr Transition age (same time/dates, separate/traveling location)

  • Friday Session: 10-12pm (July 10th-Aug 16th) *Grades 5 yr-5th Grade


Tell me more about Thursday Transition Age Session…

This session is for our older aged participants, with different meeting locations weekly. Varying locations throughout Thurston County will allow participants to interact with their peers while adventuring throughout the county. Previous years participants have gone to Loc-Oly Kitchen, Freedom Farm, Gabbie's Comics and Cards and Squaxin Park.


Do I need to stay with my child at camp?

Parent drop off is optional, you are welcome to attend camp with your participant. For some that means standing off on the sidelines observing and being available when needed and for others that means side by side engagement with them. Whatever you feel most comfortable with. You will be asked to stay with your child if their needs are greater than what we can provide. As a note we can not assist with feeding or medication


Can I stay with my child at camp?

Yes! Parents/guardians/caretakers are welcome to stay and participate or watch. You will need to complete a Liability/Media form on the first day of camp.


My child has a tendency to elope. Can someone be assigned to them?

Yes, please indicate that your child may elope and they will be given 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 support. A one-on-one assessment is required. Please sign up for a time on our Summer Camp Page. At the assessment, please inform us of why your child may elope and what to do in these situations. 

My child is not toilet trained, can I still register them for camp?

Yes, please make sure participant has appropriate supplies they may need for their time at camp, and gone to the restroom before arriving. This may include diapers, extra pair of clothing, etc. TCI Staff can assist with toileting if needed. Please make sure to note participant's needs in the Participant Waiver under Bathroom Assistance Section and update as needed.


We are traveling this summer. Can my child attend some of the sessions?

Yes, but please make sure to do initial registration.


My child is nervous about camp and has sensory difficulties. Is this camp a good fit?

We seek to be inclusive of all children. However, we recognise that camp’s can be overwhelming. We anticipate that there may be as many as 75 people at each camp. All of the people will be spread out over a field and for much of the camp, your child will be in a small group. Also, if a child does not want to participate in an activity or is feeling overwhelmed, there are spaces available for us to sit outdoors and do a quiet activity. We will also be holding monthly activities prior to the start of camp, so this will be an opportunity to get more comfortable with the environment. 


What does my child need to bring to camp?

We would like your child to wear their camp t-shirt and bring a water bottle. Please label all items. 


Who is staffing this camp?

TCI has 3 staff members. They will be supported by at least 25 volunteers per session. There are lots of eyes and support for your child. 


Can my child come with a friend or sibling?

Yes. Please register both participants for our camp and indicate that they may want to be grouped together. If they are different ages and would be in different camps, it is OK to sign them up for the same session. 


Does camp fill up? What happens if it does?

Yes, our camp did fill up previous years and we expect it to again this year. There is a waitlist.  


I cannot drop my child off at camp. Is there any transportation?

TCI does not provide transportation. If your child is able to take the bus or bike, that is allowed and just requires an additional form signed. This also includes Thursday Transition Age Session- TCI cannot provide transportation, a guardian will need to drop participant off at different location each week. We also encourage you to reach out to other parents who may be interested in carpooling. 


What does a typical day look like?

We are actively working to finalize the themes and schedules for this year! Previous years weekly themes included: Art, Sports, Music, Space, Science, and Nature!

But you can expect:

  • Check in- Split off into groups by ages and meet with group leader for roll call.

  • Group exercise and discuss activities for the day/theme

  • Rotate through different stations 

  •  Group meet up for campers of the day, good byes and group activity 

  • Guardians pick up

What happens if it rains, is smokey, too hot, or other weather conditions?

TCI has policies related to inclement weather. If the decision is made to move indoors or cancel, this will be sent via email to your registration email. 


How can I support TCI?

There are many ways to support us, including Monetary Donations, Sponsorships, and item donations. Please see our website for more information: 


More Questions? Please email at

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