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Board of Directors

Marion and her dog smiling at the camera.

Marion Sheridan, President

Marion (she/her) is a former teacher in the Olympia School District. She joined the TCI Board so that she could use her skills and experience as a former teacher of students with intellectual disabilities and an active community member in Olympia for over 30 years to reach out in a myriad of ways- to increase inclusive activities and bring diverse groups together throughout Thurston County. She is excited to reach out to those areas in Thurston County that have had limited inclusion opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities because inclusivity is beneficial to everyone.  Aside from TCI, Marion loves to be outdoors whether running with her dog, hiking, camping, backpacking or gardening and loves to read, cook big dinners with her family, and be with friends. 

Megan is a young woman. She is standing outside at a water front wearing a UW Huskies t-shirt.

Megan Parks, Vice President

Megan (she/her) is a person with an intellectual disability. She wants to be a part of the TCI board in order to help make her community more inclusive and help plan the programs that Thurston County Inclusion is putting on. She is excited to meet new people and stay connected with old friends. Megan hopes that Thurston County Inclusion could be like the Day of Champions, where everyone is a community of people with and without disabilities. Outside of TCI, Megan enjoys Sports, Music, and being with friends. 

Lorraine is a older, white woman. She is standing outside near the ocean wearing dark clothing.

Lorraine Manning, Secretary

Lorraine (she/her) is a former teacher for the Olympia School District. She has been working in the field of special education for the past 4 decades and has seen tremendous growth in the area of inclusion during that time. She wholeheartedly supports the mission of Thurston County Inclusion and is honored to be a part of it. During Lorraine's time at Olympia High School, she saw first hand what a positive impact inclusion has on people with and without disabilities. For fun, she loves to hike, bike, garden, sew, knit, get together with family and friends and above all spend time with bulldogs!



Andrew (Andy; he/him) is the grandparent of a person with an intellectual /developmental disability. He believes the direction and goals of TCI, to provide diverse opportunities for children with disabilities (great or small) enabling them to expand their social skills while participating in fun activities, is not only noble but necessary. Children with disabilities or special needs want to have the same opportunities as others. They just want to be included and to be a part of something. Andy is excited to see TCI expand its programs and impact, in a positive way, a more diverse population of children, both with and without disabilities in our community. Aside from TCI, he has 25 years experience as an official of recreation, high school, college and semi-pro football and softball coach. He has been involved with Boy Scouts for over 30 years as a youth and adult leader. Andy also enjoys collecting books and pocket coins (mostly pennies and quarters) with over 600 coins dating back to 1879.


Natalie Stagnone

Natalie (she/her) is a recent graduate of the University of Washington, where she double majored in Disability Studies and Neuroscience. She was also in the College Honors Program. Having grown up in Olympia, Washington, Natalie is now working to make this community more inclusive and accessible for people with and without disabilities. At Olympia High School, she ran Bear Crew Two for two years, participated in Unified Basketball and helped draft a successful application to have OHS become a Unified Champion School. At the University of Washington, she continued to get involved: Co-Chairing in a student-lead initiative to have people with intellectual disabilities at the UW as students (The Align Program), doing research in language development in children with and without disabilities, participating in Special Olympics Sports, etc. In the future, Natalie plans on pursuing a career in Medicine. Outside of the school, Natalie loves to hike, bike, ski or generally be outside. She also adores her pets, which include a dog and bearded dragon. 

Soroush is a male, smiling at the camera.

Soroush Koloushani

Soroush (he/him) attends Olympia High School and is looking forward to supporting TCI’s mission anyway he can. Soroush spent his Summer volunteering at TCI’s Summer camp. He is excited to watch participants make new connections in future programs TCI offers and overall how the community will bond as a result. 

Soroush enjoys playing video games with his friends over a call and reading books before bed.



Denise Hammer

Denise is an elementary school counselor with the Olympia School District. She is also a dedicated parent, with an adult daughter away on her college journey and a high school-aged son navigating his own adventures. The spark that ignites Denise's desire to serve as a Board Member is inspired by her son, who participates in TCI events.  Denise merges her parenting and professional experience in her nonprofit work. This includes tenure as a camp director/coordinator for a local faith-based overnight summer camp. She has also played pivotal roles in supporting booster clubs and has volunteered for other youth-focused initiatives. For Denise, inclusion has always been at the forefront of her advocacy work. It's personal, resonating deeply within her, and it fuels her dedication to building a community and holding space for people with intellectual and other disabilities. Denise is committed to lending her time and talent toward building a stronger, more compassionate community.


Eric Cannan

Eric (he/him) is a teacher in the Olympia School District. He finds the goals and mission of the organization to be very positive and forward thinking. It is rooted in building community and it is an honor to lend support to that mission. Eric is excited to see Thurston County Inclusion build and strengthen community participation in accessible and inclusive events. For fun, he enjoys riding bikes, playing board games, collecting music, and traveling with my family.

B643CDAF-C480-4FF0-B6D9-677F53F28383_L0_001-9_27_2023, 6_46_00 AM.jpg

Adrienne Wasserman

Adrienne is mother to three busy boys, the oldest who has several disabilities and has participated with TCI from its inception. She is excited to serve on the board and continue her passion of advocating for youth with disabilities. She understands the importance of making extracurricular activities and programs exist for the community serving individuals with all abilities. She is a practicing hematology/oncology nurse practitioner and enjoys gardening, beach trips and spending time with her husband and family.


Maya Pell

Coming Soon!


Maggie Tebbs

Maggie is a 15 year old Sophomore at Olympia High School. Maggie's twin brother has been a participant at TCI's events over the years. He has a disability, and she has seen how his involvement in TCI has impacted him. She has grown up in the community with disabilities and even volunteered all summer at TCI's Summer Camp-(Hello Penguin Group Leader!) We are so happy to have a young and moving voice on the board. She will be great at supporting the program and the community she cares about.

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