Thurston County Inclusion mission is to provide year-round opportunities for engagement between youth with and without intellectual disabilities. This is done through summer programming, mentorship and after-school activities. Participants are those under 21 with and without intellectual disabilities. Volunteers are critical to making our programs happen, they are individuals with and without intellectual disabilities. See more information on volunteers here.

Please note: All of our events are free! This is made possible by generous donors, grants and sponsors. If you would like to support us, please go to the "Support Us" tab.  

The space that Thurston County Inclusion uses for their summer camp. There is a banner hanging that says Thurston County Inclusion in the foreground and people hanging out in the background.

Thurston County Inclusion's core programming occurs in the summertime. We run a summer camp for youth (ages 5 to 21) with and without intellectual disabilities. Our summer camp runs every Friday during the summer time for two hours. We have two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, for different age groups. Each week has a different theme. You can see our past summer camp schedule here

Registration for summer camp begins in May each year. 

Is your child too old to participate in our program? Sign them up to volunteer. We look for volunteers of all abilities to assist during camp. 

Thurston County Inclusion is beginning programming during the school year as well. There will be 2-3 activities planned during the school year, such as parents night out, Night at the (Hands on Children's) Museum, or a bowling. These activities will all take place during school breaks. 


To learn about school year offerings, join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.  

14 people standing in a farm field smiling for the camera.
Five little boys standing around a volunteer covered in toilet paper.


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