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Natalie's Resource List

This list is meant to be a companion to Natalie’s Volunteer Manual. All of these sources were either given to me by trusted sources or I read or watched myself. I believe that they all present a disability image that reflects what this manual is about. This section could be used in two ways. First, it could be used in conjunction with one of the chapters above. You could choose a book, video, or text and read or watch it, and then read the relevant chapter from this manual. This way you would get the information in multiple formats, from multiple people. Second, you might be interested in a particular topic or just be looking for something to watch/read. I would recommend just reading through this list and seeing what titles stand out to you. The last thing that I want to note is that I have marked some of my favorite articles with a *. I certainly have some favorite titles and I wanted to make note of sources that I draw from frequently or really enjoy.

Please See the PDF: 

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